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Collaborative Therapy Associates (CTA) is a fee-based organization, located in downtown Toronto, Canada, that offers several psychotherapy, and psychotherapy-related services that help people to achieve the changes that they want for their lives.

Our services include:

Individual, Family, & Couples Counselling

Brief Therapy - for Lasting Change

Clinical Supervision

Training Workshops

Educational Seminars / Lectures - Free for Universities and

Community Colleges

Community-Based Talks - Free, educational, public lectures

about issues of concern to parents, teenagers


We emphasize collaborative and respectful ways of working that focus on using the often-neglected expertise that people have about themselves, in order to help them achieve the changes they want in their lives.

In addition to the above, we strive to create a welcoming, friendly and informal atmosphere, within a relaxed environment, in which to work with our clients.

CTA - Please call 416-657-0757

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